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Our Story

 2017- Our quest to find an organic and flavorful peanut butter begin. As peanut butter and almond butter lovers we searched from store to store taste testing every nut butter brand that claimed to be "natural" or "organic" on the market. We discovered some nut butter brands claimed to be "natural" on the front of the label. Once we flipped the label to the back, we discovered ingredients like palm oil, fructose corn syrup, and preservatives that when consumed overtime can cause heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Another problem we discovered was the  "organic" nut butters on the market were healthy, but not flavorful.
We wondered is it possible that "organic" nut butter could be healthy and flavorful at the same time? With months of research and lots of creative experimenting in the kitchen we created our own recipe for peanut butter. It would take a couple of years for us to pursue turning our passion into a professional business endeavor.
2018-Life would throw many challenges our way as we became NICU and Special Needs parents to our miracle son, Jaleel, who spent 157 days in the NICU and was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Witnessing our son fight for his life became our driving force and motivator to embark on our entrepreneurship dream to eventually provide organic creamy and flavorful peanut butter.
2019- We would start drafting our business plan and consulting with marketing professionals about the branding process of running our business successfully. We also overcame our fear by making steps to complete the USDA Certification and Trademark process to add value and protection to our brand.
March 2020- We made preparations to officially soft launch our brand unaware that The Covid-19 Pandemic would freeze normal life for millions around the world. Close to 350,000 lives were lost due to this airborne virus. Worldwide, hospitals were flooded with patients and unfortunately many would have to say, "goodbye," to their fallen loved ones virtually instead of in person.
2020 brought unimaginable levels of uncertainty as millions would face economic crisis along with this global health crisis. Covid-19 also sparked high levels of creativity for many to overcome their fear and launch businesses and side hustles just to provide for their family. Covid-19 was a wake up call for everyone to take their health more seriously. This was our second motivation to press on in the midst of economic adversity to birth Absolutely Rich Nut Butter to provide for our growing family of 4 (our daughter was born October 2020).
January 2021- Absolutely Rich Nut Butter was officially USDA certified organic and ready to launch on Shopify. Absolutely Rich Nut Butter offers a creamy and flavorful nut butter without compromising the health of our customers. We specially examine every batch of our nut butter in our state-of-the-art kitchen to give you a creamy taste with countless health benefits. Our ingredients aim to boost the immunity of our customers as well as adding rich flavor to their favorite smoothie, salad, sandwich, and so much more. We "absolutely," are what our label states.
Absolutely Rich Nut Butter Owners
Quentin & Tanisha Wormley